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How do i hook up live bait

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How to rig up a frog. Live frogs as bass bait have largely been replaced by soft-plastic versions, but the real things still work better and should be rigged in one of two ways.

Use a size 4 Gamakatsu How do i hook up live bait Finesse wide-gap hook. For surface fishing in weedy cover, love the frog through the front co. That allows you to tease the bait through weeds with a minimum of tangles. To fish j, hook the frog in a rear leg, allowing it to swim downward, and add split shot to hp line as needed for depth. Izaak Walton wrote an elaborate description of how to tie hooks to a live frog bait. Cricket field cricket, black cricket, life. Ted Fauceglia Target Ohok Common black crickets are widely lve by bait dealers but are also easy to catch.

Mix small pieces of bread with a little sugar and place them under newspaper pages at the edge of a lawn, field, or brushy area in late afternoon. Come back early in the morning, lift up the papers, and grab the crickets. Keep crickets in an aquarium, bucket, or other container with a tight-fitting screen top. Put a couple of inches of soil in the bottom, followed by an inch or two of grass clippings or hay. A dish of water and a bit of dry dog food will keep them happy. How to rig up a cricket. Use a light-wire hook to avoid damaging the bait. One thing that can stump many anglers after catching your favorite game fish candy is, how to rig it?

Hook placement is one key to success when fishing with live bait. Knowing where to hook the bait in multiple places for different situations can make a day. Always observe the area you are fishing before rigging your bait. Ask yourself these questions. Is there bait around? If so, what are they doing? Are they schooled on top or marking on the fishfinder down low? What is the tide or current doing? Take a mental note of the answers to these questions, because they should play a major role in helping you decide how to hook your bait. The health and longevity of life of your bait is also dependent on where your hooked is placed.

Refusals from fish can become very frustrating, leaving you scratching your head.

Live-Bait Manual: 10 Simple Rigs for Big Fish

From trout to grouper, inshore and off, hooking your bait right will help HHow catch more fish! Mullet shown on bottom with the hook placed through the roof of the mouth. Both of these methods ensure a lively bait and a good hook set.

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